Soroush Thermal Operation Unit

No.: 57
Block No.: 8
Street: Amirkabir Industrial Workshop Zone
City: Isfahan
Country: Iran
Contact Person: Majid Fani
Phone No.: +98-31-33686917
Mobile No: +98-9133082261
Full Description:

1. Hardening of different types of alloy steels.

2. gas carburizing (cementation)

3. normalizing under protective gas

4. tempering under inert gas

5. gas carbonitriding 

6. annealing

7. thermal operation on different non-ferrous metals


1. multi-purpose furnace with endothermic protective atmosphere with capacity of 1000 KG by dimension of 60*60*120 CM upto 1100 C

2. gas endothermic protective generator to be used in multi-functional furnace

3. washing set

4. laboratory and quality control (including on table sclerometer hardness tester - portable sclerometer - polish and metallographic microscopes

5. giving parts including certificates

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Address: Amir kabir industrial zone, Esfahan, Iran.

Tel: 03133863005