Grinding & Polishing

laboratory services, precise measuring services with VMM and CMM inspection and dimensional control as well as Geometric tolerancesof industrial tools

gauges and fixtures and etc with micron accuracy 


designing and manufacturing - model making - different materials casting - machinery - equipment producing - 3 dimensional print services

lathing - cnc lathing

steel industries - automotive industries - gas, petrol and petrochemical industries

field of activities: tools manufacturing - machining - equipment producing - heavy and light services - cnc services

CNC freze - tools manufacturer - designing and consulting - freze and cnc services - 

fields of activities: steel industries, military and defensive industries and etc


1. Hardening of different types of alloy steels.  2. gas carburizing (cementation)  3. normalizing under protective gas  4. tempering under inert gas  5. gas carbonitriding   6. annealing   7. thermal operation on different non-ferrous metals

Furnace, mechanical and portable sclerometer hardness tester, thermal operation furnace

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